How To Awaken Such an Intense Level Of Attraction In a Man That He’ll Fall For You, Commit To You and Go To The End Of The World For You In No Time At All!


As you read this entire page you will learn what separates The Truly Irresistible Woman from all others and what you can do to become The One for Your Mr. Right or any man on the planet that you want now or in the future!


By Elaine M.D., a Dating and Relationship Author


Have you ever been with a man whom you loved dearly and knew he was the one but for some reason he just didn’t feel the same way about you?


Have you ever wondered why women who are not as wonderful as you are always get the man YOU want while you end up with the short end of the stick?


If so, then read on because you deserve the best and you can have the best once you learn what I am about to teach you right on this page!


But first, let me ask you something;


Have you ever wished to be so irresistible to men that you could have your pick of the best men out of the best, and to have the man of your choice ask for your hand in marriage without you doing any hard work?


If you’ve said YES, read on because right on this page I will draw the curtains to uncover the secrets of what differentiates the Irresistible woman from the rest and how you can awaken from the slumber the feeling of such intense emotional attraction in a man that he will want to go to the end of the world for you in a heartbeat!


Have you ever felt in a relationship with a man that you are always the only one trying to keep your relationship together and without your effort it would fall apart?


Have you ever felt that the man in your life doesn’t pull his own weight in a relationship?


Do you ever find yourself stuck in a vicious cycle of a relationship that seems to never progress to the next level?


Have you ever felt that your past negative experiences and baggage prevent you from truly trusting and connecting with a man?


Do you ever fear that the man you are with will lose interest just like the ones before him?


Or do you have anxiety around meeting men and getting into a relationship with a new man because of your past bad relationships?


Or perhaps you don’t have a problem getting asked out but seem to have a hard time keeping a man interested beyond a first date.


Or maybe the men who want to date you are not the ones you want, and the man you truly want for some reasons doesn’t seem to think you are the one for him?




Do you ever find that men you have relationships with after a while start treating you badly or perhaps just not the way you want to be treated?


Does your anxiety around men prevent you from having the relationship of your dreams?


Have you ever been with a man who didn’t want to take your relationship to the next level and you felt stuck in a stagnant situation with a man but at the same time didn’t want to rock the boat out of fear of losing him?


If you experience constant failures with men and relationships ...


... or perhaps you just started dating after divorce and the men you meet don’t respond in the way you’d expect ...


... and you aren’t getting what you truly want in a relationship with a man, but don’t know what you are doing wrong every time it happens and don’t know how you can fix it ...


... this page is for you because as you read on you will learn what truly makes a difference ...


... and what you can do to become the woman men find so irresistible that they will fight to be with you, will commit to you effortlessly and will never even question whether you are the one for him because every man could only dream about having such a woman for his wife!


What Differentiates the Irresistible Woman from All Others


Here are the things that differentiate The Irresistible Woman from all others; The Irresistible Woman is unique and special to a man. She is very different from most women in that  ...


Men dream about her


Men beg to see her more often


Men treat her with the utmost respect


Men adore her


Men fall deeply and desperately in love with her


Men ask her hand in marriage


Men are never unsure about how they feel about her and if they want a serious relationship with her because they know on a deep emotional level that the Irresistible woman is always The One


Men do not play mind games with her because they know better


Men want to keep her forever and try extra hard to win her love


Men refer to an irresistible woman as ‘a total 10’ even when she is not the most beautiful physically


And here are more things that make The Irresistible Woman special and unique:


A woman can be beautiful and still not be an Irresistible woman


A woman can be less than perfect physically and still be so irresistible that men will think that she is strikingly beautiful


An Irresistible woman is never disrespected by any man


An Irresistible woman is different and unique, and men know that on a subconscious level the minute they meet her


If  You have trouble keeping a man interested in you


If  You date men who only see you for sex but don’t commit to a serious relationship with you


If  You are shy and this prevents you from meeting a quality guy for a relationship


If  You don’t know how to get what you want from any man


If  A man who seemed interested in the beginning stops calling you


If  You are dating a man but he is still not sure about where this relationship is going


If  You are in a roller-coaster relationship and don’t have the security of a committed relationship


If  You don’t know if the man you date wants to take your relationship to the next level and want to make sure he does


If  You feel insecure in your relationship


If  You want more security and stability in your relationship


If  You want your man to try harder to win you over


If  You are tired of being the one doing all the work in your relationship and want your man to be equally interested in building the relationship of your dreams


If  You want to know why men fall in love with some women and not others, and you want to make sure you are the kind of woman men fall in love with


If  You want to be the kind of a woman a man wants to bring home and make his wife


If  You are tired of working on your relationship and want it to become easy and natural without effort


If  Your relationship feels like a struggle and you want to change that


If  You have been dumped before and want to make sure it never happens again


If  Your relationship frizzled out and you want to re-ignite the spark and make him attracted to you again


If  You feel jealous and insecure because you are afraid your man is about to leave you or trade you for another woman


If  You want to attract your ex and make him find you irresistible so that he’ll want to be with you again


If  The men that ask you out are not the ones you want to date, and you want to make sure to attract the kind of men you really want


If  There is a man if your life you secretly admire and you want him to notice you and ask you out


If you’ve answered YES ...


You can become that kind of a woman and stop your failures with men once and for all!



Why Men Who Pursue You So Restlessly In the Beginning Lose Interest and Drift Away


If you have dated men for at least several months in your entire life you already know the disaster that so many dating relationships experience – a man who pursued you so hard in the beginning starts to slowly but surely drift away.


At first you make excuses for him; oh he has to work late; oh he misses his ‘guy time’, and so on and so forth.


But the truth is, and you already know it, that when a man starts spending less and less time with you, even when he makes all kinds of “plausible” excuses, the only thing it means is that he is losing interest.


And the reason men lose interest when they seem so invested in you in the beginning is not that they are only after ‘one thing’ but as you read this entire page you will immediately learn why this happens and what you can do to turn your failed love life around and become The One for your Mr. Right!


How Attraction Works for Men


If you want to learn how to become an Irresistible Woman, you first must understand how attraction works for men.


There are three stages of attraction:


The first stage is the physical attraction. A man sees you; you are a fine woman. He feels physical attraction toward you – he wants to touch you, kiss you, and all that follows.


The second stage is the emotional attraction. Emotional attraction is when a man actually is drawn to you on the emotional level. This means that he wants to spend time with you; he misses you when you are not around; he wants to be in your presence and he feels better with you than without you.


The difference between the first stage and the second stage of the attraction is that in the first (the physical) stage a man can be attracted to you and wants to go to bed with you, but he doesn’t miss you when you are not around and doesn’t want to share more with you than his bed.


The trap in which women often fall into is that they erroneously think that the courtship phase in which the man pursues a woman means that he actually wants a relationship.


The true picture is that when a man is in the courtship phase he actively pursues a woman because he is driven by the physical attraction alone. The phenomenon here is that a man can feel physical attraction toward 99% women – just ask men and they’ll tell you.


So when a man starts courting you; when he brings you flowers; when he takes you out to dinner, picks you up and pays for the drinks, he is doing so because he is acting based on the physical attraction.


It is a typical courtship process also existing in the entire animal world.


The trick is that a male who is courting a female based on purely physical motivators is not necessarily interested in building a nest with her.


This is where the second part of the attraction – the emotional attraction comes to play.


A man must find you interesting beyond the physical attraction in order for him to want to have a relationship with you!


When you channel the physical attraction a man has for you to create the emotional attraction on the foundation of the physical attraction, this is where you become the subject of a man’s emotional attraction.


The emotional attraction makes a man want to spend time with you.


And when you do the right thing versus the wrong thing, a man becomes compelled to take your relationship to the next level – the “serious relationship attraction”.


This is the most advanced attraction level. On this level a man feels like you are the one he wants to marry!


The trick here is that many women have no idea what makes a man emotionally attracted to a woman. And without that emotional attraction a relationship is doomed!


Whether you want to know how to create the initial attraction so that he will find you irresistible on a first date, or want to know how to take the physical attraction he has for you and spin it around to turn it into a deep level emotional attraction so that he wants a relationship with you, or even want to learn to take the two levels of attraction to the highest level – the “serious relationship attraction”, The Irresistible Woman’s Secrets I am about to teach you will uncover the tactics and techniques to do all that so that you can finally achieve the relationship you’ve been longing for!



Why You Should Trust Me


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secrets to becoming irresistible ebook

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The reasons why men get attracted to women initially but eventually start to treat them like dirt and how to make sure this will never happen to you again


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Why the irresistible woman never gets walked all over


How the expectations of the Irresistible woman differ from expectations of all other women – the is the key to being an Irresistible Woman


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The Irresistible Woman secrets for conversing with a man


The irresistible woman secrets for creating emotional attraction with a man – if he is not emotionally attracted for you, you might as well right it off – the physical attraction will only get you into his bed but not into his heart


How to use the secret “girlfriend technique” to mesmerize a man and to bring your man closer on a deep emotional level


The key factors to avoid ever being nervous around men – if you don’t know this you may be subconsciously pushing a good man away from you


One distracting thought that will never cross the mind of the irresistible woman, but this very mindset kills the chance of a good relationship for many women who don’t know about this danger


The Irresistible Woman’s techniques to get what YOU want in a relationship which never fail


One Quality Irresistible Woman Possesses That Makes Men Adore Her, Respect Her, and Worship Her and specific techniques on how to develop this quality and examples of how to use it



You will discover the secrets that will allow you to make a man do anything you want for you without you even having to say a word


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Once you learn the secrets I am about to share with you, men will not only find you interesting but the man who is lucky enough to win you over will get addicted to you!


You will also learn the most common mistakes women make at the beginning of a relationship that prevent them from having a serious committed relationship in which both partners are equally interested in the kind of a relationship you want for yourself!


BEWARE: If you make this mistake and don’t know that you are actually making it – this will spell disaster in your relationship!


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Elaine M.D.